Introducing Sea Asia 2007
Words from the Executive Director, SMF

Asia is a powerful force in world shipping as a generator of cargo. Its shipowners control more than 40% of the world's cargo carrying fleet, including more than 60% of the world's container fleet.

However, the voice which the Asian shipping community has in the industry's global decision making is not yet commensurate with its importance in world shipping.

So the first objective of Sea Asia will be to provide a public platform for the projection of Asian views in its conference programme.

Singapore has a long and proud maritime tradition, and the expansion of the maritime sector makes it a natural hub for the region in terms of maritime services over a vast range, from ship repair and bunkering to finance and maritime law. Sea Asia, in its exhibition, will provide a focus for this exciting development, demonstrating the breadth and strength of the maritime expertise available here and internationally. With a strong global trend towards clustering in the maritime sector, delegations from maritime centres around the world will be invited to Singapore for the event.

We believe that Sea Asia will bring benefits to Singapore and the Asian maritime community and will make the regional voice on shipping matters heard more clearly around the world. The inaugural Sea Asia conference and exhibition is due to take place in Singapore at Suntec City Convention Centre on April 2 to 4.

As soon as I accepted the role of Executive Director of the SMF, I realised what a cornerstone event Sea Asia is destined to become in terms of the foundation's efforts to promote the Republic as an International Maritime Centre (IMC).

The SMF as joint promoters of Sea Asia, together with our partner Seatrade, believe the event will for the first time provide a significant forum for the vast array of talent and expertise that is located across the maritime industries in Asia today.

With just a few weeks to the launch of the event, I am pleased to say that my arrival at SMF has coincided with a tremendous upsurge in Sea Asia related activity both by the organisers but also in the response to the show from the international maritime markets.

We are expecting exhibitors from over 20 countries and more than 4,000 visitors from all over the world during the Sea Asia week in April.

The conference programme, which entails several different strands of debate and participation, revolves around high level industry participants discussing such crucial global maritime topics as how to raise the voice and influence of the Asian ship owning community at the leading maritime forums, the global LNG market as well as marine insurance and ship finance.

By holding Sea Asia in Singapore and by being able to attract a broad spectrum of exhibitors, speakers and visitors, I firmly believe that the event will in time become synonymous with the Republic as a leading IMC.

I can commend Sea Asia to the global shipping and maritime markets I believe it will be an outstanding success and something of which all of us at the SMF can be proud.

David Chin
Executive Director
Singapore Maritime Foundation