Our Committed People
Our Past Advisory Panel

The Singapore Maritime Foundation would like to thank the following maritime leaders who have previously served as the SMF Advisory Panel. These past panelists have provided their sterling advice to the SMF Board of Directors. We would like to wish them all the best in their endeavours and we look forward to their continued support to SMF.

The Panel comprises:

Mr Lee Keng Mun
Mr Roland Tan
Mr Chan Tuck Hoi
Mr Gijsbert Schot
Capt Ib Fruergaard
Capt Takamaru Ishida
Mr Patrick Phoon
Mr Kenichi Kuroya
Mr Richard Loo
Mr Ji Hai Sheng
Mr George Joseph
Mr Lim Tau Kok
Mrs Gina Lee-Wan
Ms Louisa Follis
Mr Rohet Tolani
Capt Vijay Rangroo
Mr Peter Borup
Mr Henry C Mytton-Mills
Mr Chow Yew Yuen
Mr Ong Poh Kwee
Mr Prem Gurbani
Mr Punit Oza