About the Maritime Singapore Connect Office

About the Maritime Singapore Connect Office

The maritime industry is diverse and dynamic, and those in the know would be aware that the industry offers multiple pathways to a rewarding and enriching maritime career.

However, the challenge lies in reaching out effectively to students and jobseekers when the pool of information resides with different parties depending on the individual’s area of interest.

The Maritime Singapore Connect (MSC) Office is part of a SkillsFuture initiative by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore to address this area of need.

Started in 2016, the new setup under the Singapore Maritime Foundation would help to connect maritime employers, industry associations, the government and schools with students, jobseekers and the general public.

As a central access point for target audiences of varied profiles, the MSC Office seeks to elevate existing profiling efforts of the maritime industry and provide Singaporeans with easy access to maritime education, training and job opportunities.

Events organised by the MSC Office would target different audiences based on their area of interest – these include students, career coaches, fresh graduates/jobseekers and employers in the maritime industry. An MSC Portal is also in the pipeline as a one-stop source of information on maritime education, training and careers.

How can maritime companies play a part?

Support from the maritime community is essential to effectively link students and jobseekers up with the many opportunities in the industry. You could contact the MSC Office for a discussion on the following areas:

  • Student-centric opportunities (learning journeys/briefings, internships and scholarships etc

  • Jobseeker-centric opportunities (preferred profile of jobseekers, job openings and management associate programmes etc)

  • Profiling and outreach support (maritime career profiling stories, publicity videos etc)

What can Education & Career Guidance personnel expect from the MSC Office?

As a central access point for maritime-related information, the MSC Office seeks to support those in education and career guidance roles so they could better guide students and jobseekers to make informed decisions about the education and career pathways available in the maritime industry – an industry which is diverse, dynamic and offers multiple pathways to a rewarding and enriching maritime career. You could contact the MSC Office regarding the following areas:

  • Maritime exposure opportunities for students (learning journeys/briefings, internships and scholarships etc)

  • Information about the maritime industry for the education and career guidance / career coaching team

  • Opportunities for collaboration on publicity and outreach activities

For more information, please contact us at msc@sgmf.com.sg or call 6325 0225.

Students and jobseekers can also look to a new website (www.maritimesgconnect.com) by the Maritime Singapore Connect (MSC) Office for information on all things maritime – from education and career options to the scholarships and management trainee programmes offered by maritime employers in Singapore.

This site hosts a gamut of videos and feature stories to help provide a better understanding of the careers and opportunities in the maritime industry; the public can look to upload their resumes as an indication of their interest in internships or jobs. Maritime companies can use the website as a tool to contact interested candidates whenever a suitable role arises.

Although access to the resume database is free for maritime companies with a registered account, to protect jobseekers’ confidentiality, the system is designed to allow employers to view the resume only after the individual consents to a request made by the company for the position they are recruiting for. Maritime companies in Singapore could leverage on this new online platform to publicise internship, job, scholarship and management trainee programmes without cost.

Apart from the website, the MSC Office also works with various partners on maritime-­related education and career guidance matters, linking the industry to schools for internship and job opportunities, and organising outreach events and publicity campaigns.

The MSC Office leverages on its network of partnerships to identify opportunities and areas of need to help maritime companies in Singapore in their manpower profiling and recruitment efforts.

The MSC Office can be found on the following social media platforms:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MaritimeSingaporeConnect
LinkedIn: sg.linkedin.com/company/the-maritime-singapore-connect-msc-office
Instagram: www.instagram.com/officemsc/
YouTube: MSC Office