Issue Thirteen – Feb 2016
Maritime Singapore has many special qualities, amongst them a strong sense of camaraderie in the maritime community here. The Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF) was established to help strengthen the local maritime cluster, and continues to work to ensure that the industry remains cohesive.

These are challenging times for the maritime sector, although we are not alone as an industry in facing headwinds, and we have done well to weather prior storms. SMF will maintain an active dialogue between the public and private sectors to ensure a good flow of ideas to support long term development of the maritime cluster. SMF will also continue to invest in promoting the industry to attract the best and the brightest, and will support talent development so that the industry has the right pool of skills for the future. Later this year we will be launching a new national-level initiative called the Maritime Singapore Connect (MSC) Office to help match people to the right opportunities, and to make it easier for companies to find the right people. Whether times are good or bad, we need capable people to help us steer ahead.

Some highlights of the year which you can look forward to include the launch of Sea Asia 2017 that will take place during the Singapore Maritime Week this April. Following the success of the 2015 show, we will be gathering key industry leaders in a roundtable forum to get their professional take on topics for the next conference (25 to 27 April 2017), and brainstorming ways to improve the show. There is also Posidonia in Greece in June, where SMF will work together with partners to create a strong Singapore presence in the international maritime arena.

The work of SMF falls on the shoulders of Mr David Chin and his capable team, together with Board members Mrs Gina Lee-Wan, Mr Henry C. Mytton-Mills, Mr Andrew Tan, Mr Lee Keng Mun, Mr Tan Puay Hin, and new members Mr Chow Yew Yuen, Mr Loo Tze Kian, Mr Ong Poh Kwee and Ms Lisa Teo. We are grateful for their efforts, and I would also like to thank the outgoing Board members Mr Michael Chia, Mr Goh Teik Poh, Mr Patrick Phoon and Mr Wong Weng Sun for their input over the years.

As always, we ask for your continued support. Camaraderie gives us a strong foundation, and together I am confident that we will achieve more for Maritime Singapore.

With best wishes,

Andreas Sohmen-Pao
Singapore Maritime Foundation