Maritime Arbitration Workgroup (MAWG)
Maritime Arbitration in Singapore

Singapore, as a key hub port and financial centre and with a strong maritime tradition, is well-placed to be an international centre for the dispute resolution process of world shipping.

As a maritime arbitration centre, Singapore has much to offer the shipping community, including;

- Attractive legal costs
- Consistency
- Integrity
- Impartiality
- Ready access to complimentary services, such as banking, communications and insurance.

Success through collaboration

With such a compelling case in favour of Singapore, SMF formed the Maritime Arbitration Work Group in 2004. The group, led by Dato' Jude Benny, Partner, Joseph Tan Jude Benny, has been a catalyst for change. It charted the roadmap for the future of maritime arbitration in Singapore. Its efforts coupled with invaluable support and endorsement of the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC), the Singapore Maritime Arbitrators Association (SMAA), the Maritime Lawyers Association of Singapore (MLAS) and the Singapore Institute of Chartered Arbitrators (SIARB), led to the creation of the Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration (SCMA).

The brainchild of MAWG – The Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration (SCMA)

Formerly under the wing of the SIAC, the SCMA has been reconstituted and was officially taken over by the SMF with effect from May 2009. The aim of the SCMA is to provide a framework for maritime arbitration which is responsive to the needs of the maritime community. The Chamber also provides the international maritime community with an independent, efficient and reliable dispute resolution institution in fast-developing Asia. The SCMA is chaired by ex-Judge Mr Goh Joon Seng, who is currently a consultant with Lee & Lee Advocates & Solicitors. The daily operations and management of the SCMA are helmed by the Executive Director, Mr Lee Wai Pong. The formation of the SCMA represents a giant leap forward for Singapore as an internationally recognised maritime arbitration centre. For more information on SCMA,
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