About SMF
The Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF), established on January 27 2004, was created to forge a strong partnership between the public and private sectors.

As a private sector-led body, we provide the industry with a clear and representative voice. We also benefit from strong industry support, which has enabled us to tap directly into the community for new ideas and initiatives that benefit the maritime fraternity here. Our members cover the entire spectrum of the industry, including the marine, shipping, port and ancillary services sectors.

We also work closely with the Singapore Government to advance our joint vision of developing Singapore into a premier International Maritime Centre (IMC).

As the bridge between Government and the private maritime sector, we help initiate ideas and drive proposals to boost the sector’s development and grow the overall Singapore economy.

Our Mission

The objectives of the Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF):
  • To provide a forum in the private sector for exchanging, generating and developing ideas and proposals to further Singapore’s position as an IMC
  • To act as the catalyst in fostering mutual co-operation among various sectors of the maritime industry
  • To serve as the government’s partner from the private sector in promoting Singapore as an IMC and developing manpower to support the maritime industry

Our Vision

The Singapore Maritime Foundation’s (SMF) vision is to be the private sector champion in Singapore’s efforts to develop itself as an International Maritime Centre (IMC).